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What We Do: Our Workshop Training

Our Method

 We use exercises from boxing fitness training which are combined with traditional psycho-education methods to help workshop participants learn about goal setting and attainment, motivation, stress, anxiety and how to develop a resilient stance.   A resilient stance enables a person to view difficult situations as more of a challenge than a stressful threat.   Research shows that this way of thinking about stress benefits both mental and physical health leading to an overall improvement in wellbeing.  Of course, there is no actual 'boxing' or 'sparring' so no  risk of injury.

Why Boxing?

There are more popular metaphors taken from boxing to describe situations in life than from any other sport. We think this is because most people at sometime or another experience life as a struggle or a fight. Incidentally, there are more films about boxing than about any other sport.   Boxing metaphors are an apt way of describing difficult, stressful experiences in life. Just a few examples: “up against the ropes,” “down but not out,” “out for the count,” “throw in the towel,” “saved by the bell” “beaten to the punch”, “boxing clever”, “pulling no punches” and so on.  We also think a lot can be learned about mental strength and resilience through light boxing fitness exercises.

Suitable For All

The physical exercises are used in our workshop to anchor the psychological learning and are suitable for all levels of fitness. We use them to help people learn to pay more attention, to be more mindful, about what is going on in their bodies as well paying attention to what is going on in their minds. Most people find them fun and entertaining as well.

We have workshops addressing the needs of  public sector workers, parents, women, young people in exam years, and the general public who want to learn to manage their stress better and develop mental strength.

Mental Strength

Research has demonstrated that there are four building blocks to mental strength:

  • Challenge
  • Confidence
  • Commitment
  • Control

Our workshops help you identify areas you need to work on and we give you the tools.

Goal Setting

Our workshops help you learn about and practice a well researched and evidence based goal setting technique called Mental Contrasting with Implementation Intentions or WOOP for short.

Stress and Resilience

Stress plagues modern life causing both physical and mental health problems. Our workshops give you up-to-date scientific information about stress, help you learn to recognise the warning signs in yourself and to take effective action.

Who We Are

Our team

  • Mike Sones, A.C.P. Psychotherapist and Hatton Academy Qualified Advanced Boxing Fitness Instructor
  • Jo Graham, Psychodynamic Psychotherapist
  • Alexandra Peet, Psychodynamic Counsellor

Our history

We are a new training organisation specialising in innovative approaches to  developing mental strength and resilience

Our mission

Our mission is simple: to help you learn to develop mental strength and resilience so that you can live your best


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