Innovative Training for Mind and Body

Animentis Workshops

Animentis delivers innovative workshops and programs that enhance physical and mental wellbeing in a fun and stimulating environment. Psychological learning is anchored in boxing fitness exercises. This unique approach gives participants an energetic experience in which to learn skills and techniques for developing an empowering, resilient mindset.   The exercises are suitable for all levels of fitness and used to help participants understand and grow the basic building blocks of a mental strength mindset. This enables them to resiliently encounter the stresses and strains of modern life imbued with an attitude of challenge, control, commitment and confidence.   

1. Learning to Roll With the Punches: Take Charge of Your Life!

This workshop  introduces the Animentis method of using light physical exercise, based on boxing techniques, to encourage participants to reflect upon their own experience of learning. It introduces participants to the building blocks of mental strength, goal setting, and stress management.

2. Animentis Life Skills Training: A Mental Strength Toolkit for the Modern Woman

This workshop is particularly orientated towards helping the busy woman learn to develop a mental strength toolkit so she can be resilient and flourish whatever her role is in the demanding social circumstances in which we all find ourselves today.

3. Animentis Life Skills Training: A Mental Strength Toolkit for Parents when the Going is Rough

This workshop focusses on helping parents to learn about the basics of mental strength  and resilience so they can help both themselves and their children.

4. Animentis Exam Skills Training: A Mental Strength Toolkit for Young People In Exam Years

This workshop is for young people facing the stresses of exam years. As well as helping them to learn the basic building blocks of mental strength there is an emphasis on helping them learn how to avoid the pitfalls of a fixed mindset and develop the the essential properties of a growth mindset.

5. Animentis Life Skills Training: A Mental Strength Toolkit for Public Sector Workers

Life is tough in the public sector. Austerity, cutbacks, increased demands with fewer resources. Stress is a major concern for both managers and workers at all levels.  This workshop focusses on helping public sector workers learn to recognise the warning signs of stress in themselves and take effective action as well as helping them to develop their mental strength.


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